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Prof Dr Legge, http://911blogger.com/node/21517#comment-218370
thank you very much for your utmost important scientific work on issues 9/11, namely also on defining, game changing, “game over” Nanothermite Controlled Demolition Study of 2009.

Remarks on the considerably unclear “What hit Pentagon” issue.

1. As you say, many in the Movement believe “no plane hit Pentagon”, and there really is no consensus at all, no hard evidence, or contradictory one, on what happened.
Well, there cannot be a consensus without knowing the facts – therefore without profound, unfettered new investigation.

2. We need to realize that we are trying to track, to recreate a fallacy, a fake theater scene operation, as nanothermite proves 9/11 is all staged controlled demolition.
This is different, and more difficult, tentative, guessing, than to investigate, to recreate a natural reality.

These two points, to me, are shifting the search for What happened at Pentagon to the sphere of little bit of an entertainment, speculation.

3. I think when referring to a “plane at Pentagon”, we really need to be more specific. ….. What plane?
a) original hijacked 757 plane with hijackers, at the wheel .. — by me, highly improbable, if not impossible – no -hard- evidence
b) original hijacked 757 plane with hijackers, remotely controlled .. — plausible
c) switched out plane, either another 757 or smaller military one, remotely controlled, possibly other fake plane overfly .. — plausible, and by me, this is what happened
d) a missile, possibly with conjunction with a smaller military plane .. — plausible

3. We need to realize that
a) flight path -CIT Citizens Investigation Commission is bringing credible evidence via eye witnesses stating the plane flight path was not that official, Pentagon bound, therefore – an overflight
b) downed poles appear to be a flawed stage, as there is no damage to the ground around them
c) we have a lot of flat contradictory information and evidence, and by now, pool also must be getting tainted by intentionally misleading information
d) the round exit hole inside the Pentagon appears to be dug after the impact, as the sign “dig out” even says … /? , therefore, unconnected to “what happened”

4. I am most troubled by the fact that years ago, analyses were stating that found airplane debris – rotors – are just “too small to be from 757”. But lately I have read statements saying that they indeed can be from 757. ..Can you please comment on this?

5. Another flat troubling contradiction is a clean Pentagon lawn, indeed too small entry hole, seemingly no plane debris, the idea that unskilled pilot would land a plane where ground meets Pentagon wall …. yet, there are plane remains on pictures, suggesting they do come from AA 757.

6. I even do not want to mention earlier pictures of
a) open book at the 2. floor where plane hit, kerosine burned. Unburned, opened, paper book ?!! I be darned :/
b) wooden stool, unburned
c) a computer, a personal computer, from plastics, – unburned.
This would defy even any normal, factual reality. :] …. Would you please comment?

The point 6 might drive me to a contention that “everything is fake” at Pentagon, which it basically really is, as this all is, irrefutably, an inside, prepared operation, therefore drive me to the contention of even “inside explosions”, demolition of a roof line after the initial “aerial vehicle” impact.

Yes we can – yes we need – a new, independent, complete scientific investigation. Polygraph questioning for all involved official. As we all might be surprised who knew what, when, and who did not know, or knew partially. Who knew, but did not agree.
Very complex, and very serious issues.

Yes, that is us – 9/11 Truth Controlled Demolition Peace and Justice Great Patriotic Movement.

Let me forward one more thesis – we need to be aware, as this operation was done by highest skilled, top professional level, therefore there undoubtedly will be parts of “intentional mistakes” – confusion, diversion, incredulity parts.

There also will be unintentional mistakes, as the operation is highly complex and yes, daring to carry out.
And further, there will be unintentional mistakes while carrying “intentional mistakes” parts of the whole operation. ….
I just want to illustrate, how utterly complex issues we are dealing with.

We need to keep all these facts in mind while trying to assess “what happened at Pentagon” before the real investigation starts.

And yes, I am sure US government is in possession of a number of clear photographs of all 9/11 attacks, from cameras and from satellite.
I think even foreign governments must have detailed satellite footage of the scene. Down to reading a car license plates.

Am I correct?

Thank you,
Petr Buben



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